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TALKPGH is Pittsburgh's first mobile talk show. Throughout April 2013, a truck (serving as a mobile talk show set) drove to each of the city's 90 neighborhoods to interview residents about their area.  The purpose of TALKPGH is to collect Pittsburgh residents' stories, opinions, about thoughts about their neighborhoods.  We're now compiling these interviews and will make them available online and in special feature presentations throughout the City (details to be determined).  This project is an outreach effort of the ARTPGH & DESIGNPGH components of PLANPGH, Pittsburgh's comprehensive plan for growth over the next 25 years.

TALKPGH: It's a wrap!

The 20-day shoot has concluded--the TALKPGH truck visited each of Pittsburgh's 90 neighborhoods! Check out the schedule below to see where we went. Thanks to everyone who was involved with TALKPGH to this point--without all our great guests, hosts, producers, crew, and supporters, we couldn't have pulled this off! We're in post-production now, so stay tuned to see what's coming up next for TALKPGH. All those interviews are being edited into the final product. We can't wait to premiere it to the world!

The TALKPGH truck has completed its tour of Pittsburgh!
The map below shows the time & date each session took place.
Click on a truck icon to see when the TALKPGH stopped by your neighborhood!

Click here to view/download a detailed schedule of all shooting times & dates.


Producer: Jon Rubin
Asst. Producer: Nina Sarnelle
Talk Show Hosts: Tracy Turner and Matt Sandler
Truck Design: Margaret Cox
Website/logos: Justin Miller

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City of Pittsburgh | Department of City Planning
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