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Here are all the transportation projects from public forums and plans across the City - in one place - categorized according to the improvement type they best represent.  Projects have also been scored and ranked based on sophisticated transportation modeling software.  While high-tech computer modeling is a great way to make understanding transportation needs more efficient, it lacks the human element--this is where you come in.

We need you to tell us what we got right, and what we didn't.  Sometimes computer models miss the nuances of a neighborhood or a street in a way that only neighborhood residents can understand.  The map below lists all the projects that the MOVEPGH team has identified so far.  Once you have located a project you want to comment on, just click the dot, find the project code, and use the comment form below the map.  The project improvement types can be found in the map legend.

MOVEPGH Projects Map

What do the project improvement types mean?   |   What do the project rankings mean?   |   How is a project evaluated?

Public Comments

The public comment period for this map has closed.  Thank you to everyone who commented!  We're sorting through everything now--we'll have more information about the next steps for MOVEPGH on the main page soon!

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